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Once a year the occupation health examination reports [2013-5-30]

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In May 29th, more than 150 employees rich but company completed the occupation health examination once a year.
Physical examination for half a day, a total of more than 150 employees. The examination content: basic check items, blood routine, B ultrasound, ECG, Department of internal medicine, Department of internal medicine. In order to ensure the
Ensure every employee can attend examination, company made careful arrangements and careful arrangement of physical examination time, place, project and process, please Shishan HOLLEY hospital
The company is employee check-up. And the establishment of the occupation health archives for each employee, easy to fully grasp the health workers, reached the disease "early prevention, early treatment
The aim of treatment ".
Once a year the occupation health work, so that the majority of the employees feel the care, enhance the enterprise's cohesive force and the centripetal force, by the majority of member